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LegolianM June 22, 2022
Been a long time since we've seen those faces.

Kinder des Lich is going on a short break while I'm on vacation! It will return on July 4th, and here's the extra bit: the comic will only be updating once a week for a while, on Monday (technically Sunday night depending on your timezone).

This is only temporary though, I fully intend to return to biweekly updates at some point! I just need a little extra breathing room right now to work on it.

What to do until then? Well...

  • Patreon as always has the next comic up, if you need your fix right away!
  • If you have any burning questions for me (or the cast!) you can drop them in my askbox on Tumblr! I'll collect and answer them when I get back from my trip.
  • You can also follow me on the aforementioned Tumblr or on Twitter for the latest news on what's going on.
  • Oh, and if you vote for KDL on Top Webcomics you'll get a full color panel from one of Rosalyn's flashback pages!

That's all for now! See you next month.
Storyline: 04 - Feeling Like A Villain
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